Liebe Oma, Guten Tag!


Two sisters travel through their German grandmother’s life to reveal family secrets and to find out possible parallels with their life.


The creative documentary “Liebe Oma, Guten Tag!” is a film where two sisters from Lithuania – a filmmaker named JURATE (30) and a photographer named VILMA (35) – get to know about their German grandmother ELLA’S love story with a Lithuanian man named KAZIMIERAS, who changed her life and made her take radical choices to stay alive.

The German woman, Ella Fink, was born on the Lithuanian – East Prussian border (present-day Lithuanian – Russian border) before World War II. The story starts during the period of expulsion of Germans from Lithuania in 1945. The entire Fink family started the journey to the West. Ella decided to come back to Lithuania from the middle of the journey to wait for a few days, meet her fiancé Kazimieras and join the family later. But none of this happened. Kazimieras disappeared or emigrated. Ella stayed in Lithuania separated from her family in Germany for more than 30 years. She got married, and lead a peaceful life in a province of Lithuania. The story took a turn when Ella committed suicide when she was 72 years old.

Twenty-three years later, two of her granddaughters start a journey, revealing family secrets and looking for reasons of grandmothers’ death. They read letters, find family pictures, visit archives and places, which are connected by the story of a young woman, who chose love instead of family bonds. The sisters believe that if they find information about Kazimieras’ life, they can finally connect them and the unfulfilled dream will symbolically come true. This will cut the chain of repeating events like suicides, unhappy marriages and addiction through generations in the family.





Ieva Norvilienė, Dagmar Niehage

Juratė Samulionytė, Vilma Samulionytė

Audrius Zelenius

Martynas Tamulis

Markus Aust

Linas Grubys, Gesa Marten, Nele Jeromin 

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